In 1976, we moved to Switzerland and joined the scientific community in Basel. As two academics with humble beginnings, we both knew the importance of education and the freedom that it can provide. While we lived abroad, we did not forget the needy children in Turkey. We began working with a well-known organization, the Turkish Education Foundation (TED, Turk Egitim Dernegi (, in Ankara. TED supports poor but hard-working students who cannot continue their education without financial help. These students come from disadvantaged backgrounds or have lost one or both parents. When others also joined this effort, we established the Schweizerisch-Türkische Gesellschaft für Erziehung, IS-TEK in 1985.  IS-TEK has supported 33 children for 25 years.

In 2012, the Alkan and Inan family founded AFES (VEFA) and partnered with a new organization known for its large scale and impact: the Association For The Support Of Contemporary Living (

Currently, we support 20 young girls, by sponsoring their middle and high school education.